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Looking for a chance to give back to your community and enjoy enriching the lives of seniors? Check out The Hearth at Drexel for Volunteer opportunities!

We are seeking out caring and compassionate volunteers who are willing to provide skills sets such as:

  • Art class
  • Horticultural Experience
  • Musical Talent
  • Pet Visits
  • Spearhead our Men’s Club

Please contact Jessica Buck at jbuck@thehearthatdrexel.org to learn more about volunteering at The Hearth at Drexel.

Memory Support Volunteer

We are seeking caring and compassionate volunteers to join us in enriching the lives of those in our Memory Support program. We are seeking volunteers who can be available on a regular basis, for instance once a week or once a month, to provide companionship to those who reside in the Memory Care Unit at The Hearth. If you enjoy puzzles, games, reading, good conversation, baking groups, planting flowers, painting, and sharing time with some remarkable elders with tremendous stories to share, please consider joining us!

We value your time and are open to flexibility.

Men’s Club Volunteer

We would love a volunteer to help us provide a great weekly opportunity for the gentlemen that live at The Hearth at Drexel.

A weekly Men’s Club could include a variety of events that our residents themseves decide they would like. Some ideas include special outings in the community including movie tavern, lunch trips etc. Playing checkers, card games, wood shop (building bird houses) gathering for sports games in our theater on site. We have also planned large speciality lunches at the building. Really anything that the residents themselves would like to do.

We are looking for someone consistently to promote this club within The Hearth with our gentleman residents as well as plan and follow-through each event. Currently meet every other week in the afternoons.

Dates and times will vary. Expected amount of time to volunteer 1-2 hours per event, trips could take more time!

Certified Pet Therapy Dog and Volunteer

Great volunteer opportunities are here at the Hearth at Drexel, looking for a volunteer with a certified pet big or small who is willing to visit our residents here at our Assisted Living Facility. Hours and days are flexible.

Please contact Jessica Buck at 610-771-1284 if interested.

Music Therapy

Music and Memory go hand in hand, here at the Hearth at Drexel we value the benefits of music therapy. If you are interested in spreading joy through the sound of music please contact Jessica Buck, Director of Community Life at 610-771-1284.

We value your time and are willing to work with you on scheduling volunteer opportunities.