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The Power of Positivity: Resident at The Hearth Shares His Story of Recovery and Renewal

April 30, 2019

A staff member and a resident enjoy an art theapy session as the resident paints with watercolorsDr. Carl Mogil, resident at The Hearth at Drexel, continues to be a firm believer in the power of positivity. Overcoming immense challenges with his health later in life, Dr. Mogil is not only an inspiration to the people closest to him. He is a source of light and encouragement for staff and residents throughout the community.

Since moving in, he says the kindness and warmth he receives from people at The Hearth inspires him to spread compassion towards others. And as an accomplished orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Mogil has spent his entire career doing just that.

Dr. Carl Mogil, Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Innovator

Graduating from Temple University School of Pharmacy, and The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, his successful career as an orthopedic doctor motivated him to start two sports medicine centers, which were the first of their kind. Dr. Mogil’s professional experience has allowed him to do what he truly loves by serving others.

I had the best of both worlds. I had a profession that I loved and I made a handsome living out of it,” he says reflecting on his career. “I believe so many things in my life were a joy because I spent so much of my time helping others.

Earning more recognitions than he can count on one hand, Dr. Mogil says if you want to learn more about his professional experience in orthopedic surgery and osteopathic medicine, just Google him.

With such a vibrant personality, and positive disposition, it may come as a surprise to learn that later in life Dr. Mogil suffered a dangerous ailment that sent him to the hospital in a semi-comatose state. What’s not surprising, however, is his triumphant story in overcoming this severe health challenge and his belief in the power of positivity to spread kindness and empathy among others thereafter.

Overcoming Obstacles with Strength and Positivity

In December of 2017, Dr. Mogil experienced inflammation in his right leg. The antibiotic injection he received from doctors caused an allergic reaction that sent him to the hospital with a fever of over 106-degrees. There, he went into comatose state. Dr. Mogil says fortunately for him, he remembers very little from this time. Remaining in that condition for over a month and a half, the doctors told his children, “Your father may not make it.”

The condition that caused this significant decline in Dr. Mogil’s health is called Stevens-Johnson syndrome. A rare disorder of the skin and mucous membranes often a result of allergic reactions, Stevens-Johnson syndrome can cause painful rashes that spread and blister throughout different parts of the body.

“I was wrapped in all sorts of dressings and had a large wound on my back,” Dr. Mogil says recalling the severity of his condition.

Dr. Mogil says the doctors at Jefferson Hospital who took care of him during that time are a large part of the reason he survived, and he kindly thanks them for saving his life. Dr. Mogil was later transferred from Jefferson to Lankenau Hospital to be closer to his daughter, Jamie who lives in the area.

She has been the most active in protecting me after my illness because I sure couldn’t protect myself

Dr. Mogil is filled with pride when he talks about his daughter and her many accomplishments. “Besides from keeping me alive after a serious ailment,” he says, “she is a successful lawyer and very much involved with voter rights through the league of women voters. She’s also a docent at The Metropolitan Museum.”

Choosing The Hearth: A Daughter’s Important Decision for her Father

Jamie says the kindness and close-knit community the staff creates at The Hearth made her father’s moving in an easy decision.

“We looked at other places and they were just so large and cavernous. I felt my dad would get lost there in terms of care,” she says. Jamie wanted her father to live in a community that was smaller and more personal, while still having the nice amenities.

When Jamie talks about her first experience with staff from The Hearth she says they were nothing short of wonderful, especially with Director of Sales and Marketing, Kylie Hood.

When I met Kylie she was absolutely amazing. She was very patient with my dad and gave us different options when making our decision to move to The Hearth.

Jamie admits that if it weren’t for her father’s health condition he struggled with nearly two years ago, he’d most likely be living on his own. “He was always very independent. He had a big, beautiful home and if circumstances were different he’d probably still be living there,” she says, remembering where her father lived before his health declined.

Dr. Mogil interjects, “I do want to comment on that. I fear I would’ve died alone if I lived in that house. I’m better off emotionally living here at The Hearth. It was the right decision for me to come here. It has worked out so well for me.”

Jamie agrees, “Here he gets to interact. If he lived in that big house I worry he would’ve just read his kindle and read his magazines, which is fine because he’s used to doing that, but it’s so important for him to engage with other people.”

Living Life Fulfilled at The Hearth

Since moving to The Hearth Dr. Mogil certainly enjoys engaging with others.

Here the people are nice and considerate and that includes everyone from the maintenance man, to the nurses, to the people who prepare the food.

Dr. Mogil says that when it comes to aging, sometimes the goodness in people is forgotten. “There are plenty of good people here,” he says reassuring the kindness and empathy he’s experienced from staff and residents at The Hearth. Dr. Mogil has many stories of encouragement to share and as he continues to enjoy life at The Hearth he spreads the power of positivity throughout the community.

“I’ve come to believe that if you do good, it’s contagious, and other people will do good as well.”