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My Crown is in My Heart: Revisiting Classics with The Hearth’s Shakespeare Club

February 21, 2020

Each Friday afternoon, The Hearth’s modern movie theatre takes a step back in time as residents of The Shakespeare Club gather together and explore plays written by one of the world’s most famous dramatists. Delving into cherished classics, and reading new plays each month, The Hearth’s Shakespeare Club greatly enjoys their weekly get-together’s, and the banter between their Shakespearian discussions is always engaging.

Many of the club members joined the group because they wanted to further their Shakespearian knowledge.

I only read so much of Shakespeare in high school. I really wanted to expand my horizons.

Mary, resident and member of The Hearth’s Shakespeare Club

Resident, Grace Lewis, notes that she had a wonderful professor in college who heightened her interest in the notorious writer, and she’s happy to revisit the plays of her past.

Together, the ladies of The Shakespeare Club have read 15 plays in total, and for the most part, they’ve enjoyed every one of them. From Othello to The Taming of the Shrew, club members have read numerous character roles in a variety of genres including comedy, romance, and tragedy.

“It’s really about the company,” Grace adds. “We enjoy spending time together and we can comment and laugh when Shakespeare might get racy or taboo.” Mary nods her head in agreement chuckling from across the room.

It’s very intellectually stimulating, and of course fun.

Nancy, member of The Hearth’s Shakespeare Club

The Shakespeare Club is pleased to have finished their most recent play of King Henry VI, as it concludes their series in reading both the fourth and fifth plays previously. “The King Henry plays were tough,” Nancy remarks noting the tragedy that takes place, but Shakespeare’s balance of compassion and ferocity in the character of King Henry VI provides for an entertaining read.

In one of the play’s most famous lines, King Henry VI says, “My crown is in my heart. Not on my head.” The ladies of The Shakespeare Club wear their crowns in their hearts as well, as they enjoy sharing their unique perspective on Shakespeare’s plays, and bringing their personal touch to every meeting.

Although the group enjoyed reading the various King Henry plays, they’re seemingly ready for a different genre. “I think it’s time for a comedy,” Nancy says. Nancy suggests reading Much Ado About Nothing for the group’s next play, and they all sound enthused with her idea.

As the ladies look forward to a lighter plot in Much Ado About Nothing, the complexities of Shakespeare continue to bring this group together. And the meaningful friendships they’ve formed along the way continue to strengthen and grow.