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The Differences Between Assisted Living and Personal Care: Making the Right Decision for You and Your Loved One

August 3, 2022

Kylie Hood, Director of Sales & Marketing at The Hearth at Drexel

“I’ve worked in personal care homes in the past, and one of the most difficult parts of that job was telling a resident’s family member that their loved one couldn’t return back to their community simply because their level of care increased. At The Hearth, residents are provided that increased level of care throughout their lifetime, so we never have to tell them that difficult news,” Kylie Hood, Director of Sales and Marketing at The Hearth, shares.

“This really gives our residents the privacy and dignity they desire and deserve,” explains Kylie. “For adults in their later years who may need assistance with activities of daily living like showering and getting dressed, maintaining that sense of privacy is extremely important.”