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Help Protect Residents at The Hearth Against Today’s Inflation

March 29, 2022

Every moment of every day the team at The Hearth affirms the value and uniqueness of each resident. Even during the early months of the COVID-mandated restrictions, staff made sure that residents had the flexibility and tools needed to continue living meaningful lives.

One way we value our residents is through our benevolent care fund. We affirm the dignity of residents who outlive their financial resources by welcoming them to stay as cherished members of our community until the end of their days.

Just like so many of us, our residents are feeling the pain of inflation. They are spending more of their life’s savings on increased costs for medicine, healthcare and basic goods.

Thanks to the generous investment of donors over the years, our benevolent care fund offers them peace of mind in knowing that they will be able to continue enjoying their life at The Hearth, regardless of their ability to pay.

Today, we need your help to ensure that the money continues to be there for our residents.  Please join me and others in making a gift to keep residents at The Hearth, among their friends and enjoying the life they’ve come to love.