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Good Food and Good Times at The Manor at York Town

July 18, 2022

Residents at The Manor at York Town love good food and a good time. The introduction of a new dining venue for residents, along with a brand new movie theater room, ensures more liveliness and fun in an already active and delightful community.

In March, The Manor introduced a new dining venue for residents. Every day, between 2:00 P.M. and 4:00 P.M., the club room opens for dine-in or take-out orders. “We thought it would be nice to offer another room where residents could enjoy dining during the hours between lunch and dinner,” Wendy Petro, executive director of The Manor at York Town, says.

“Residents are enjoying the casual atmosphere and the additional menu options” shares Amy Ryan, dining room manager at The Manor at York Town. “They like that it bridges the gap between lunch and dinner in the main dining room, and they don’t feel rushed to get back in time for lunch, or have to wait until dinner if they are hungry.”

The smaller menu offers residents an alternative to the three-course or four-course meals served in the traditional dining room. As a bonus, the pub menu has made happy hours even happier. “So far, it’s been all positive feedback,” Amy says. Wendy adds that they will continue to make changes to the menu based on resident suggestions.